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Who may attend Intergroup Meetings?

Although any Al-Anon or Alateen member may attend, meetings are primarily for Intergroup Representatives (IRs). IRs are Al-Anon and Alateen members elected by their groups to represent their groups at the monthly meetings. This is a one night a month commitment with a huge payback to you and your group. It can be shared with another member from your group.

It is particularly important for your group to be represented at the November and December meetings. In November nominations are made for next year’s officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Secretary). In December elections are held.

Note that an Intergroup Representative fills a different position from a Group Representative (GR) who represents their group at the Area Assembly and District Meetings. One person can fill both positions, but a better arrangement is to have both a GR and IR, with the GR also serving as an Alternate IR and the IR serving as an Alternate GR.

We try to keep meetings short and interesting. You will leave each meeting knowing that you have helped Al-Anon’s primary purpose, to help families and friends of alcoholics.

What constitutes a quorum at Intergroup meetings?

To carry out important business at Intergroup meetings, our bylaws require that 5% of the groups we serve be represented. Currently this means there must be at least 7 voting members. At the February meeting there were only 6 voting members and therefore we were unable to elect a Treasurer who is willing to serve. On at least one other occasion, we didn&rfsquo;t have a quorum and could not make important decisions. This should underscore the importance of groups being represented.

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