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Al‑Anon / Alateen Information Services
of Greater Minneapolis
Saint Paul Al‑Anon/Alateen Intergroup
Address: 7204 W 27th St., Suite 101, St. Louis Park, MN 55426 (map)
Hours: MTWThF 9am - 4pm, Sa Closed
Email: alanon@pobox.com
Phone: 952-920-3961
Address: 253 State St., Saint Paul, MN 55107 (map)
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday noon to 4 pm and Wednesday noon to 8 pm
Email: stpaulafg@pobox.com
Phone: 651-771-2208

All Alateen meetings are “closed”, limited to members and other young people who feel their lives have been or are being deeply affected by someone else’s drinking. The only adults who may attend a closed Alateen meeting are sponsors who have been certified as Al‑Anon Members Involved in Alateen Service (AMIAS).

You never need to make advance arrangements to attend a meeting; just show up and you will be warmly welcomed.
Although many meetings are in houses of worship, this implies no affiliation. It usually reflects the fact that the rent there is affordable.

In the wake of the pandemic, most groups have restarted in person or virtually; a few groups remain suspended. See the virtual meeting information page for more information, including a schedule and connection instructions for most virtual meetings.

There are currently no pandemic-related restrictions on in-person get togethers, including recovery meetings such as Al‑Anon and Alateen. None the less, many groups continue to meet virtually and some are strongly recommending masks be worn in face-to-face meetings.

Groups that are meeting in person are indicated by light yellow in the schedule. Groups that remain suspended are indicated by pink and virtual groups are indicated by green. A white background for a group’s entry in the meeting schedule means only that we have no information about the status of the group — whether it is in-person, suspended or virtual.

Alateen Meetings in the Twin Cities Area
City Day Time Location Address Directions Group Age
ANDOVER Tuesday 7:00 PM Andover Alano Society 3556 181st Ave. NW (map) 0.5 mile west of Round Lake Blvd. Concurrent Al-Anon meeting
Meeting in person with masks and distancing.
Andover Alateen 10-17 yrs
APPLE VALLEY Thursday 7:00 PM
New time
Christus Victor Lutheran Church 7510 Palomino Drive (map) Room 112. Cedar/Palomino/127th.
Concurrent Al-Anon meeting
Meeting in person; mask may be required.
Also meeting virtually in hybrid format.
Apple Valley Alateen 10-19 yrs
COON RAPIDS Sunday 7:00 PM
(new time)
Coon Rapids Alano 1635 Coon Rapids Blvd NW (map) Unit 100
Concurrent Al-Anon meeting
Meeting in person only
Coon Rapids Alateen 12-20 yrs
EAGAN Monday 7:00 PM St. John Neumann Catholic 4030 Pilot Knob Rd (map) In library on right when entering far door. Concurrent Al-Anon meeting
Meeting in person with masks and distancing
Eagan Monday Alateen 10-19 yrs
MAPLEWOOD Tuesday 7:00 PM
New time
Maplewood Alano Club 1955 Prosperity Road (map) Prosperity at Frost, white building behind church.
Meeting in person. Also meeting virtually
Maplewood Alateen 10-18 yrs
Tuesday 7:00 PM Mayflower Church
(New location)
106 East Diamond Lake Road (map) Meeting in person.
Also meeting virtually in hybrid format.
Sky’s the Limit
Also meeting virtually Thursdays at 7:00 PM
8-19 yrs
This schedule is provided as a service to members and prospective members of Al‑Anon and Alateen.
The group names and addresses are not to be used as a mailing list or for any form of solicitation or commercial venture.
     New in past year      Status not known      Recently disbanded      Suspended      Virtual      In person
Only Alateen groups that are in compliance with the Minnesota South Area Alateen Safety Policy or
Minnesota North Area Alateen Safety Policy are listed here.

Alateen Meetings in Schools

In addition to the groups above which are open to any young person affected by someone else’s drinking, there may be “limited access” Alateen meetings in certain schools. These are normally open only to students enrolled in the school. Any schools which have Alateen meetings known to be in compliance with the Area Alateen Safety Policy are listed in the box below. Contact the school for information about meeting time and location.

There is a Tuesday Alateen meeting at Stillwater High School. Contact the school chemical dependency mental health specialist for more details.

Some schools may have support groups for children from homes with alcoholism. However, unless they are fully in compliance with Alateen Safety Policy they are not recognized by Al‑Anon as being Alateen groups and are not permitted to use the name Alateen.

Are you an Al‑Anon member interested in starting or sponsoring an Alateen group?
See the Alateen Sponsors’ page.

(Updated 20 March 2023)